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Getting Started with Zentangle

Zentangle is a meditative form of nonrepresentational art. It was created by Rick Roberts (a former monk) and his partner, Maria Thomas (a skilled artist and calligrapher). One day, Rick noticed how engrossed Maria was in the rhythmic patterns of her art and he attributed the state of consciousness that artists achieve when they get into a flow of making repeat patterns with the state of consciousness that meditation practitioners achieve in some of the highest levels of meditation. Maria never quite realized how involved her mind and body were at this particular moment but Rick identified it right away. They realized that this was a valuable insight and it was then that the concept of the Zentangle Method was born.

Zentangle is not just for artists. Although it is beautiful and seemingly complex at first glance; it is not intended to be anything more than another form of mindfulness at its very core. There are 8 basic practices involved with doing Zentangle as the creators have designed it to be and when you take a class with a certified Zentangle teacher, they will review these steps with you.

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